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Awning - Metal & Canvas

 We offer canvas, copper, standing seam aluminum, old time aluminum awnings that are built to your specifications and come in a variety of colors to match any home or office.

Patio Center is the largest manufacturer of patio covers, canvas and copper awnings in South Louisiana.  Plus, we offer Eclipse Retractable Awnings. 

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The primary purpose of the awnings is to conserve and protect your home from overbearing sunrays. Awnings provide shade, regardless if it's hot or cold outside.

Windows awnings especially, effectively combat the sunlight your home is exposed to.

Are awnings necessary?

You'll have the opportunity to protect your home and furniture from damaging ultra violet rays. In fact, awnings function better than interior blinds when it comes to window shades and ultra violet rays protection. If you're in need of very durable awnings, we recommend purchasing stationary awnings from us at Patio Center.  

We Manufactured Our

Stationary Awnings In-House

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Awning - patio center
awning patio center
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