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Patio Covers

Our Patio Covers are made of aluminum and have a few different customization options!
We can add insulation to the roof of our covers to add more durability, dissipate heat better, and allow any wiring for fans/lights to be secured. Also, you can choose between metal posts/beams or upgrade to cypress posts/beams for a different look! Along with the structural options you can choose from, we offer different color options as well. This helps us match the Patio Cover to your home's aesthetic.

With over 50 years in the business, we promise you this product is tried and true!



Insulated Roofing Panels

Patio Cover Insulated Panel


Cypress Posts/Beams

Patio Cover with Cypress


Non-insulated Roofing Panels

Standard Patio Cover


Metal Posts/Beams

patio cover black posts-insulated


Standing Seam Awning Cover

Standing Seam Patio Cover Cypress
Patio Colors


Check out our some of previous projects to get inspired!

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